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JUNE 2016 

Our Annual "Summer's On" Potluck! 
Tuesday ~ June 21st ~ 6:30 pm
We start setting up the food at 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria 

Are you ready to dive into the Summer pool? Our visitors are!

To commemorate the moment, it's our annual Food-Share Potluck!

Bring your favorite dish to share... salad, main dish, or dessert!

Your HGA will supply flatware and cups. And our gathering place!

No "dealing with the elements" this year! We'll be inside at the Rabobank Community Room, Cambria!

This is a fun event with your co-workers and docents who love Hearst Castle & Ranch!

Save the date and join us! 

Summer Solstice Food Share - Download Flyer

MAY 2016 

What Is It?
with Ty Smith, Erin Gates & Berndt Stolfi.

Tuesday ~ April 19th ~ 7:00 pm ~ NEW TIME
Refreshments by Debbie George start at 6:30
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

Yes, most of us know it involves kids... videoconferencing... supplying teacher resources to classrooms... but how does that fit with what we do at the Castle?

Come this HGA program, Tuesday, May 17, starting at 7:00 pm, and Ty Smith will beam in to tell us all about this state-wide, educational program of the State Park System.

Erin Gates will reveal the additions she has been making and special guest, Berndt Stolfi, who has been with PORTS from the beginning, will be happy to answer your questions about the program.

OK... So, what does PORTS stand for?

Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students!

That's a mouthful and a lot goes on under that title! This is your opportunity to find out from our three experts!

Because of a Hearst event, we are starting at 7:00 so those folks who wish can attend both events.

See you there!

PORTS Program - Download Flyer

APRIL 2016 

Tile Maker for Morgan & Hearst
by Kirby Brown

Tuesday ~ April 19th ~ 6:30 pm
Refreshments by Debbie George start at 6:00
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

They are all around us. We walk on them. We look up and see them.
In this program, headed by Kirby Brown, you will learn and see through samples and photos, the "what" and "why" behind the tiles that decorate the hilltop. We all get a lot of questions from visitors. Here is your chance to make sure your have the latest and most reliable information available.
Come for a fun evening totally dedicated to the TILES.

Tiles of California Faience - Flyer Download

MARCH 2016 

by Historian and Biographer
Lara Gabrielle Fowler 
Tuesday ~ March 15th ~ 6:30 pm
Refreshments by Debbie George start at 6:00
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

In addition to being an integral part of the history of Hearst Castle, Marion Davies had a fascinating life and career, one that often reflected the social mores of the time and the history of film as a whole. From her relatively humble beginnings in Brooklyn, to her rise as one of the silent era's most talked about stars and the beloved compaion of William Randolph Hearst, to the highs and lows of life after Hearst, we will trace Marion Davies' life as she lived it. With pictures, home movie footage, and stories from deep archival digging, Marion Davies historian and biographer Lara Gabrielle Fowler will reveal Marion Davies as she was.
Lara Gabrielle Fowler is a film researcher and historian based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is currently working on the first full-length biography of Marion Davies since 1972. She has conducted research at the country's foremost archival research centers, and has spoken about Marion Davies at the Annenberg Beach House, UCLA, and at the Redding Silent Film Festival. Her archival research on Marion Davies is comprised of material from archives around the world and from personal interviews with Marion's family and friends.
This is a must-see HGA program! Mark the date on your calendar and get there early! Find out what has been uncovered and is destined for the new book. You will hear and see it here... first!

Marion: As She Was - Download Flyer



1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco


Tuesday ~ February 16th ~ 6:30 pm
Refreshments by Debbie George start at 6:00
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

Our own Victoria Kastner, Monument Historian, is back with her brand new program on the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition that was held in San Francisco, WRH's home town.

There are so many connections of the Hearst family to that historic 1915 Expo ~ to say nothing of the Julia Morgan connection to architect Bernard Maybeck, designer of the Palace of Fine Arts, the only surviving feature you can see, today.

Get all the newest information, plus, see pictures of many of the featured points of interest on the Expo grounds, including (not the first), but an early display of the decorative use of electric lighting at night and much more!

Come join Vicki and see what else was there! 

1915 Panama Pacific Expo - Download Flyer




Tuesday ~ January 19th
10:30 am ~ Lighthouse Tour & Lunch

A huge "Thank You" from HGA President Amanda to the 18 brave members who arrived at the Lighthouse in spite of the rainy weather! Below are some of the photos taken. Enjoy!

For those of you who do Facebook, Debbie George has created a Facebook page for the HGA. Check with Debbie to find out how to access it. Your Webmaster of this website is a little behind "the curve" in getting a link on this site established. It may take a call to Tech Support to get the Facebook icon placed... and if you've ever been on the phone with any Tech Support, you'll understand why he's trying to avoid that!   LOL

Bottom line: It was a great trip! Everyone learned a lot! And, they treated us like royalty! THANK YOU LIGHTHOUSE CREW! 

The Point San Luis Lighthouse is one of the historic lighthouses on the Central Coast. For more information, click on the Point San Luis Lighthouse website.









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