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Here's a list of the things we did in 2014!

October 2014

The Early Days on the Hilltop by Those Who Did It!
Tuesday ~ October 21st ~ 6:30 pm
Snacks & Social start about 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

This program idea, which originated about a year ago with Dennis Judd of Cuesta College, was to create a round-table discussion with several former hilltop workers about their memories of what it was like in the very early days. Get your questions answered from the people who were actually here!

Your Round-table Panel...

  • JOHN PORTER - retired veteran guide 
  • BOB SOTO - retired restoration specialist
  • SHANNON HARMON - retired guide and Supervisor
  • ED REDIG - former Superintendent (and guide Linda Fleming's brother)
  • SUE WHITEHEAD - current member of our Security Team served as a guide in the 1970's

This promises to be a fascinating evening! You will be able to get an excellent sense of what it was like to be on the hilltop in the days when a yellow school bus pulled up at the Hello Spot and Hearst family members walked out of A-House! Get first person information to give our guests.

This special program happens THIS Tuesday! Pass the word! See you there!

The Way We Were flyer - download here

September 2014

Tuesday ~ September 16th ~ 6:30 pm
It's a Food-Share Potluck!
We'll start down the food line as soon as it's ready! 
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

This turned out to be a fun evening! We had the pleasure of meeting our new Museum Director, Mary Levkoff, who joined our group and answered some questions from the members. The food was excellent and there was more than enough! On the video wall were showing some of the home movies of WRH that played as a backdrop during dinner.

It was a great social evening! Thanks to all who attended and to those of the HGA who made it possible!

June 2014


Tuesday ~ June 17th ~ 5:00 till 8:00 pm

This was an awesome event! Thanks to everyone who attended.

Also, thanks to the hard work of Susie Fulton and the 2013 Class who put on a very funny program that welcomed the new class of 2014. You guys were definitely inspired!

Thanks to the HGA Board membership who worked on the other half of this event... our annual HGA "Here Comes Summer" BBQ. There is talk of making this an annual combined event!

And a special thanks to Bill and Nanette Rodriguez who opened their home and yard to us all, which made this event possible. You guys are awesome and we all appreciate you for doing this. Thank You!

The Summer Tourist Season has started! If you are new to the HGA, this means that there are no scheduled programs or events in July or August. Our first Fall program will be in September. Check the "Where We're Going" page for updated information. And to make sure you never miss an HGA program, always reserve on your calendar the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month. That's the day the Rabobank Community Room is "ours".

Check this website for other announcements and information, too. Again, thanks to everyone who made the 2014 Class/HGA BBQ a success!

See you in September! 

May 2014

Patti Rowe: History of Higway 1
~ San Luis Obispo to Big Sur ~ 
Tuesday ~ May 20th ~ 6:30 pm
Snacks & Social start about 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

Did you know that there was another Highway 1 before the road we drive now, and that remnants of the road - some obvious and some not - are still around?

Guide Patti Rowe started researching the original road about three years ago and has uncovered information and personal stories that tell about what it was like traveling the coast road before the highway was rerouted in the 1960's.

You'll want to hear about the early history of this thoroughfare from horses to stagecoaches to bicycles and cars, and what it was like to get around on the road while it was under construction and when today's Main Streets were the actual highway!

What did WRH, his driver Steve Zegar and his guests experience as they went to and from the San Luis Obispo train station and the hilltop? You'll see historical photos and vintage postcards showing the road at that time, along with photos of what is left and what places look like today!

Make sure you mark your calendar and join us! Feel free to download the flyer at this link below and pass it around to your friends. We'll see you there!

The Original One - Download Flyer

April 2014

Ty Smith & Larry Crawford
Tuesday ~ April 15th ~ 6:30 pm
Snacks & Social start about 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

This is going to be an fascinating evening! Larry Crawford is back with vintage films taken up at the hill and other locations. The majority were shot in the 1920s. A couple from the 1930s to 1940s.

Seeing all these films will make you feel like you were there! This will give you personal information that you can interpret to visitors when you start to tell them what it was like, what did they do, and what was it like to relax and vacation with WRH.

If you have a bunch of Hollywood stars as guests and you give them a camera, what are they going to do? They will create short movies... the kind they can't do in Hollywood! See Marion Davies and Edmund Goulding doing a film clip in 1926 about a foot fetish (it was shot on the main terrace)! See WRH and Marion playing tennis on the back court! See Helen and Gandhi running around! See starlet Clair Windsor riding a bike on the Esplanade and several of her friends piling into the Muse Sarcophagus! See the 1950s TV program section by Ken Murray about being at the Castle. It's where we get most of the clips we use in our Grand Rooms Tour film clip! And there's more!

This will be an exciting evening, so mark it on your calendar and plan to be there. Ty Smith will wrap up the evening with the story of how he received the two most recent films from the collection of Mary Carlisle, who was an actress and repeat guest at San Simeon. A photo of her visiting recently is featured on our Home Page. For the first time, thanks to Mary, we will see home movies of Hearst, Marion and their guests traveling on one of those European vacations!

see you for a night at the movies as San Simeon is Caught On Film!

Caught On Film - Download Flyer

March 2014

The Ruling Family of San Simeon 
Minor Chavez
Tuesday ~ March 18th ~ 6:30 pm
Snacks & Social start about 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria


As we all know, Minor Chavez seems to be in a constant state of "research"! In the past, he has shared with us new information about the Hero Ceiling in A-House. New information about the Heraldry of many pieces in the collection. Now, Minor returns with a program of totally new information and incredible "finds"!

For several centuries, Europe's most powerful family ruled over most of the Old and the New World. They are by far the most represented family in the San Simeon collection. Come hear and see their story. Get to know "our Habsburgs" intimately and the reasons why they were chosen by William Randolph Hearst as the ruling family of La Cuesta Encantada!

An evening of new information ~ in words and pictures! Make sure you are there! 

The Habsburgs - Download Flyer

February 2014

Victoria Kastner: A Deeper Look!
Tuesday ~ February 18th ~ 6:30 pm
Snacks & Social start about 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

We are honored to have Victoria return to tell us more about the Hearst Ranch!

For you lucky 30 who took the first Ranch Tour with Ben Higgins, this is a great follow-up to learn more about what Victoria Kastner has discovered in her research! And for everyone, we will get to hear the full story about the new book, and maybe even learn about what was left on the Editor's shelf. There will be plenty of never-seen-before photos and fascinating information to add to your knowledge about this amazing little cattle ranch. Or, "...my little ranch at San Simeon...", as WRH occasionally referred to it.

As always, Victoria will give us a fun and information packed evening! Make your plans now and don't miss it!

Hearst Ranch, Victoria Kastner - Download Flyer

February 2014

Tuesday ~ February 4th
Car pool day event
Starts at 10:00 am
Gather at 9:45 am at VC parking lot, North end

As of 12:15 pm, Saturday, 2/1/2014, all seats for the Hearst Ranch Tour are filled. No more can be accepted. Please see below for the guidelines we need to follow... especially, the no photography requirement.

Since February is Hearst Ranch Month, make sure you mark Tuesday, 2/18 to hear the latest information from Victoria Kastner and learn more about how her book, "Hearst Ranch - Family, Land, and Legacy" came into being. Scroll down and mark your calendar! 

So everyone knows, here are the rules or guidelines we need to follow!

  • Tour is limited to 30 people with first priority given to Castle tour guides (as requested for the first tour and they are the staff personnel who interpret the hilltop to visitors).
  • Must be 2014 paid members of the HGA.
  • Sign up is first-come, first-served.
  • Absolutely NO photography or video permitted.
  • Each person will sign a Ranch waiver form.
  • Tour will run 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

The tour will be personally conducted by Hearst Ranch General Manager Ben Higgins.

Ben plans to show us some of the historic buildings and residences (exteriors only) with a focus on the Ranch itself and how it functioned historically and today.

Please keep in mind we will be on bumpy, dirt roads and it will be dusty for both cars and people. So plan to dress appropriately.

We appreciate your understanding that Ben wants to show the Ranch to the tour guides first, so they will have accurate information about the Ranch to give to the public. If all goes well, he will conduct future tours for more of the HGA membership (guide and non-guides).

An additional reminder that Ben requires no photography or video be taken during his tour. It is possible that we will be exposed to Ranch details that they don't want made public and your HGA appreciates your cooperation with that important request.

We hope this will be the first of several future opportunities for our membership to see "what's out there". So, join and sign up for a great day on The Ranch!

Hearst Ranch Tour flyer - Download Flyer

Email us and let your HGA Board know where you'd like to go and what you'd like to see!

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