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An Archive of Past Events from 2012

November 2012

What's In The WRH Wine Celler?
Includes Wine-tasting ~ SOLD OUT (with a waiting list for cancellations)
Tuesday ~ November 20th
Program starts at 6:30 pm sharp!
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria
Join us for social time starting about 6:00 pm


You may remember a couple of years ago Guide Jill Urquhart gave the HGA a fascinating program on Carlota Munroe.  This time, Jill is back with the results of the research she's been doing on the bottles of wine and the WRH Wine Cellar!  

This will be a special program and presentation.  It will involve the opportunity to taste some of the types of wine (current-day versions) with which Hearst filled his wine cellar at San Simeon.  Because of the wine-tasting portion of this presentation, reservations will be required, so make sure you get your wine-tasting seat secured early!  

If you are a Guide, this program will give you a lot of additional interpretive points to discuss with your guests when you take them into the Wine Cellar.  If you work in another department at Hearst Castle, come learn about this unique room and period of time.  With a potential of thousands of bottles of wine and a different wine with each course, it doesn't seem that Prohibition slowed anything down at dinner up at San Simeon!

Come find out the full story and make your reservations early!

FYI ~ There are two easy ways to reserve your place at our HGA events.  1) Simply email your reservation including your name and/or the number and names of your party to: hearsthga@yahoo.com .  2) Write the same info on a postcard or note and mail it to: HGA, PO Box 152, Cambria, CA 93428.

Because of the past need to use a Board member's personal phone number which intrudes on their privacy, we have eliminated the phone-in option.  Thanks for your understanding.

October 2012

Textiles and Rugs of WRH!
Tuesday ~ October 16th
Program starts at 6:30 pm sharp!
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria
Join us for social time starting about 6:00 pm


Muna Cristal knows a lot about the textiles and rugs that WRH brought to San Simeon!  On Tuesday evening, she will share this information with the HGA membership.  Find out all about what our visitors are walking on when they're not walking on the tour mats!  You'll learn about how many of these were made.  Muna will answer questions and make sure you are armed with the latest information the next time you take a group of guests around.

This presentation will also have some nice visuals as we are brought up close and personal with Hearst's impressive collection of textiles and rugs.  Mark the date on your calendar and plan to be there. 

FYI ~ There are now two easy ways to reserve your place at our HGA events.  1) Simply email your reservation including your name and/or the number and names of your party to: hearsthga@yahoo.com .  2) Write the same info on a postcard or note and mail it to: HGA, PO Box 152, Cambria, CA 93428.

Because of the past need to use a Board member's personal phone number which intrudes on their privacy, we have eliminated the phone-in option.  Thanks for your understanding.

September 2012

The Future of Hearst Castle:
As Seen by Ty Smith, Interpreter III
~ and ~
"Summer's Over Potluck (Food!)"
Tuesday ~ September 18th
Potluck starts about 6:00 pm ~ Ty's presentation follows
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria



This is our annual "exhale" evening when the HGA gets everyone together for a great potluck and celebrates that we made it through another summer tourist season!

Everyone is asked to bring your favorite dish to share.  It can be salad, entree, dessert, pre-nibbles...whatever you enjoy, bring it so we all can enjoy it, too.  It would also be a good idea to put your name on the dish so you are sure of getting it back.

The HGA will provide the plates, utensils, napkins, and coffee and tea.

Plan to arrive at 6:00 pm and we'll start eating all the wonderful goodies everyone brings a little after 6.

At about 7:15 pm, Ty Smith will start his presentation and we should be wrapped up by around 8:00 pm. 

This is also the start of our Membership Drive for the 2013 HGA year of programs, which will run from January through December.  Remember, that if you are currently a member of the 2011-2012 membership year or plan to join for the 2013 membership year, the end of 2012 (Sep, Oct, Nov) is being "thrown in" as a bonus.  This is to allow your HGA Board to shift the membership period from the old Sep-Aug period to a new Jan-Dec period, which makes more sense and fits with the calendar year of your elected Board.  Also, your dues will enable the HGA to continue its purpose of assisting with research presentations to our membership on the activities and people of WRH's time.  We are a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, so if you would like a receipt for tax purposes, that can be supplied.


Some program dates, times and topics on the program list below may be subject to last minute change.  Please check here for the latest updates.

This will also be your opportunity to get together with our new Interpreter III, Ty Smith, and hear a short presentation on his vision for the future of the guide program at Hearst Castle.  Ty will be open to questions and will give us an insight on where interpretation on the Hilltop is headed.  So, this should be a very informal, informative and food-filled evening.  Make sure you put in your reservation for a chair and plate, because we do have a limitation on the number of people we can have at the Rabobank Community Room.  

Remember, you don't have to be a Guide to join the HGA.  Membership is open to anyone who works or is a docent in any department on the Hill or at the Visitors Center.  Click on the link below to view or print the flyer for this event.  

June 2012

at Hearst San Simeon Beach!
Tuesday ~ June 5th ~ BBQ at 5:30 pm till ???

This is turning out to be an annual event ~ our kickoff to the summer commitment and all the tourists who will be coming to the Central Coast. It was enjoyed by so many of our members last summer, we decided to keep it on the calendar! Steve Hamill will be our Head BBQ Chef again this year. Everyone is asked to bring an appetizer or dessert to share potluck style. Also, plan to bring your own drinks, please. The rest... BBQ, beans, salad, Garlic bread, the works... will be included in the $8.00 per person charge to cover food costs.

Please get your reservations and non-refundable money to Debra Rawlings by May 31. Steve needs to buy the food before 6/5. It's coming a little early this year... but so are the tourists! 

This is a fun event and a great way to enjoy the Hearst State Beach at the little town of San Simeon. Get your money to Debra Rawlings by May 31st to reserve your place. Come enjoy, hang out and have fun!  Hope to see you all there!

May 2012

Mission San Antonio & The Hacienda!
Tuesday ~ May 15th ~ 9:45 am to 3:00 pm 
Two hours north of Cambria ~ Car Pool trip!

Mission San Antonio de Padua is located on 80 pristine acres of what was once the Milpitas unit of the sprawling Hearst Ranch and sits within the "Valley of the Oaks" on California's scenic Central Coast.

This HGA day-trip begins with a drive north, car-pooing for those interested, which will take about two hours if leaving from Cambria.  Please plan to arrive at the Mission at 9:45 am.  Starting at 10:00 am, experienced docent Joan Steele will lead a detailed tour of the Mission and out-buildings.  At noon, we will enjoy a typical Spanish mean prepared and provided at the Mission.  

IMPORTANT: Your $15 per person additional charge for this program includes the costs for the tour and lunch at the Mission.  Because of advance reservations needed by the Mission for both tour and lunch, and the required pre-payment to them, we are limiting this event to 30 people with paid reservations into the HGA by May 4th.  We will be carpooling so let us know if you would like to be a driver or a rider.  There is plenty of parking on site for those who wish to drive their own cars.

IMPORTANT 2:  To enter the military base, you will be required to show your vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance along with personal identification such as a driver's license of EACH PERSON IN THE VEHICLE to the checkpoint guard.

There is also an economical self-serve gas station on this base about a mile east of the Hacienda.

After lunch at the Mission (about 1:00 pm), we will travel less than a mile's drive from the Mission to William Randolph Hearst's California Hacienda, built 1929-1931 (re: Librarian, Sandy Heinemann).  Architect Julia Morgan designed it as an elegant, uncluttered building with mission-style arches, creating rooms for the ranch's cowboys and more spacious accommodations for Hearst and his guests.  At the Hacienda, you can even spend the night in the same place where the famous millionaire and his glamorous friends partied and slept in the 1920's and 1930's.

A docent will lead us on a tour of this historical landmark starting at 1:30 pm.  No charge.  The bar may be open at the Hacienda to quench your thirst during this event. 

Note that this Hacienda is located on the Fort Hunter Liggett military reservation, the larget US Army Reserve Command post spreading over 165,000 acres.  This used to be part of the 250,000 acres owned by WRH.  We hope to see you for this exciting and educational day-trip!

April 2012

My Name Is Pedra:
Our K9 Friends On The Hill 
Tuesday ~ April 17th
Program starts at 6:30 pm sharp!
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria
Great goodies start about 6:00 pm.


This was an excellent program!  At the end of the presentation, Daniel and Pedra gave us all a surprise by giving a quick training demonstration.  Watch for the DVD of the program coming to the Hearst Staff Library, soon.

We see them often on the Hill.  These amazing animals with their trainers (or really we should call them their human friends) as they go about their jobs.  Have you ever wondered about our hilltop K9 units?  Had questions you'd like to ask?  This is your opportunity to learn all about this special part of the Park Rangers' security system and program at Hearst San Simeon.

Daniel Gant and Pedra provided the April program where we learned about what they do.  


Here's what Pedra does to relax (just kidding).

March 2012

Santa Barbara or Bust!
Tuesday ~ March 20th
Car Pool trip down to see
the Museum, the Courthouse,
State Park, a Julia Morgan building,
and more....

Santa Barbara Courthouse

What a fun day-trip this was for the HGA members who were able to go! 

On June 29th, 1925 Julia Morgan arrived in Santa Barbara to meet with the building committee that had hired her to design a hotel for young professional women.  She was just in time to experience an earthquake that devastated the city.  Fortunately, she was not injured by the falling buildings on State Street where she had just stepped off a streetcar when the quake hit.  She surveyed the destruction and in her own words, "I spent hours among the buildings: it was a great practical experience."  This experience must have influenced her building designs.  Hearst Castle was one of her major projects at this time.

The 1872 Santa Barbara Courthouse was a total loss.  By 1929, a replacement had been erected that has been called the most beautiful government building in America.  It occupies a square block in downtown Santa Barbara.  Gardens and lawns surround this working courthouse.  An 85-foot clock tower allows visitors unforgettable views of the city, coast and mountains.

Only 3 blocks from the Courthouse are 2 sites that are monuments to Santa Barbara's historic heritage; the Casa de la Guerra built in the 1820's, and the Presidio (Spanish military outpost) founded in 1782.

The early movie industry, as it was moving from New York, made a brief stop with some studios in Santa Barbara before permanently relocating to HOLLYWOODLAND.  We learned more about this on our walking tour of downtown Santa Barbara.  What a great experience!   

February 2012

What WRH Gave to LACMA!
Tuesday ~ February 21st
Program starts at 6:30 pm sharp!
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria
Social Hour starts about 6:00 pm. 


Iain Hamilton, Day-Security Section, recently took a trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  He came back with LOTS of photos.  Photos that show what William Randolph Hearst gave from his collections to help get LACMA started.  Many of these antiquities were originally here at Hearst Castle.  At this special program, Iain will show the photos of what he found.  If you’ve never been to LACMA, this program will make you want to go!  Come see what Hearst gave away!


January 2012

Marjorie Sewell in San Simeon.

Growing Up in San Simeon!
Tuesday ~ January 17th
Program starts at 6:30 pm sharp!
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria
Join us for goodies starting about 6:00 pm.

Marjorie Sewell, or Marj as she's known to many of us as we bring our Night Tour groups through the A House north bathroom... agreed to give us a glimpse into her past life as a kid growing up in the little town of San Simeon.  Marj had many fascinating experiences to share, stories to tell, and photos to show us.  It was a wonderful evening as Marj, in her 30's dress and finger-curle hairdo, let us peak through the window of time for a look at how life was "in the day". 

A DVD of the presentation will be available in the Hearst Research Library soon, in case you missed the evening or would like to experience the presentation and photos again.  This was also the first use of the HGA's new digital projection equipment which worked very well.  There were about 45 present and your HGA Board thanks all who came!

Have you joined the HGA?

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