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An Archive of Past Events from 2011 

November 2011

San Simeon & the Start of WWII!
Tuesday ~ November 15th ~ 6:15pm
Program starts at 6:30 pm sharp!
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria
Lip-smackin' goodies start about 6:00 pm.


We've all heard bits and pieces about it.  Preparation for WWII starts on the old Hearst Ranch, and then.....  Only 16 days after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the Montebello tanker was torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-21.

Come see and hear what additional information George Cartter has found out about the historic event that happened right "out there".  The talk will feature vintage photos taken by Robert Cartter in 1941 of the brand new Hunter Liggett Military Reservation.  Mark the date and join us for a fascinating evening!

October 2011

A Conservator's View of
Restoration Work at Hearst Castle!
Tuesday ~ October 11th
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

Vintage view of the Sarcophagus at B House.

Your HGA Board presented a great opportunity to learn some of the 'alchemy' in the conservation of art at Hearst Castle.  Zdravko Barov, who has been practicing the craft of restoration for more than 45 years, gave a behind-the-scenes look at what has been done and why, touching on aesthetic, ethical and scientific issues.  He talked about earthquake repair, detection of rare painted detail, and finding the quarry of an ancient sarcophagus!

The DVD of the presentation by Zdravko Barov and Constance Faber is in the Library for checkout.

If you have ideas for other programs through this season, please let your HGA Board know.

September 2011

Meet the New HGA Board Food Share Potluck!
Tuesday ~ Sept 20th ~ 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria


A nice turnout of people gathered at the Rabobank Community Room in Cambria to meet the new HGA Board members.  Since it was a Food Share Potluck, lots of "great eats" were enjoyed by all!  Several gave their input as what they would like to see in the way of programs, tours or special events.  And many either renewed their membership or joined the HGA for the new season.

The entertainment was provided by Mr. Hearst, himself, as we all enjoyed viewing the silent movie he made at San Simeon, The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter.  Seeing the Castle in such an early stage of construction in some of the scenes was amazing.  Another interesting sight was the Lighthouse with its original lens attached.  Also, several scenes at the entrance to the Victorian Ranch House.

Thank you to all who came and we hope you will all join us for the kickoff of the new season of programs in October!

June 2011

Lighthouse Tour!  (Event #1)
Tuesday ~ June 14th ~ Tour at 1:00 pm
BBQ at Hearst Beach!  (Event #2)
Tuesday ~ June 14th ~ BBQ at 4:00 pm

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse - in the early days.

The Lighthouse Tour was a great opportunity to see all the restoration work that has been completed on Piedras Blancas Lighthouse!  We had a great turn-out and lots of staff from the Hilltop heard the story of life at Piedras Blancas.  The HGA wishes to thanks those who participated and those on the Lighthouse Staff who gave their time to share their information about this place.  Piedras Blancas Lighthouse had a close connection to the building done at San Simeon.  Hearst even filmed a silent "home movie" using the lighthouse as the focus point, The Lighthousekeeper's Daughter (available for viewing in the Hearst Research Library).  It was a great time and your HGA thanks all those who participated!

For the BBQ, we all enjoyed the great grill work, beans, salad & bread at the Hearst Beach picnic area with head chef, Steve Hamill. Our hats off to you, Steve! 

Your HGA is "dark" for July and August with no programs scheduled, as the new tour schedule is in full swing!  Thanks to everyone who participated, this year. 

Next for your HGA: Elections for a new board in September.  Watch for the annual "Food Share and Meet the New HGA Board" event.  That will be coming September 20th.  In the meantime, stay hearthy and drink lots of water!

May 2011

About Arthur Byne!
May 15 ~ Sunday ~ 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria.

Arthur Byne

Through former guide and author Taylor Coffman, the HGA was given the opportunity to hear a special presentation on Arthur ByneJody Brotherston is a consultant for the Arthur Byne House in Madrid, Spain.  She has given many presentations on Arthur Byne, the artifacts he obtained, and his home.

Arthur Byne was born in Philadelphia in 1884 and died in a car accident in Spain in 1935.  He was responsible for helping William Randolph Hearst obtain many of the antique ceilings in his collection.

A huge THANK YOU to Jody Brotherston for her presentation!

April 2011

A Day Trip to Lotusland:
The Gardens of Santa Barbara!
Thursday ~ April 14th ~ 2011

Lotusland Gardens

A small group arrived at Lotusland for the April "day-trip" by the HGA.  Everyone who attended had fun and got to see the gardens at their Spring best! 

Click on the link below to see a small selection of the photos taken.  A CD of all the photos is in the Staff Library available for check-out.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Lotusland Visiting Photos

Link to the Lotusland Website - Click here.

March 2011

Hero & Shield Ceilings in Casa del Mar:
What are their Secrets?
Tuesday ~ March 15th ~ 6:30 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

As many of us know, Guide Minor Chavez has been doing extensive research to connect the symbols of these two ceilings to their origins and translate that information so we can understand it in today's terms. 

This was a great evening with lots of photos and research data that Minor had put together on the people displayed in the ceiling.  He also showed us photos of the "real" ceiling in Spain.  It was quite an experience and we are grateful to Minor for his passion in bringing this information to us.

The presentation is available for viewing on DVD and can be checked out from the Library.

February 2011

Ceramic Tile History at Hearst Castle!
February 25Friday ~ 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

Tile panel reproduction for B House courtyard.

To kick off our Year 2011 HGA Programs, your HGA Board presented Restoration Specialist David Wilson who gave us a look at the history of the California Faience tiles used in the designs at Hearst Castle.

A load of bar tiles and relief decos cooling off in the kiln before unloading.

Also, David gave us a lot of information about the origin and installation of many of the tile areas.  Plus, he shared new information with us about the question of who really designed many of the tiles that we commonly say were designed by Julia Morgan.  If you missed this presentation, watch for the DVD of the program coming to our Hearst Research Library, soon.  That announcement will be here on your HGA website.

And the winner is:

Guide Minor Chavez!  David Wilson drew Minor's name from the hat to win the special tile given away at the end of his tile presentation.  Congratulations, Minor! 

And many thanks to David Wilson for donating his tile for the give-away and for an amazing evening of new information and insight into the ceramic tiles of Hearst Castle!

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