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An Archive of Past Events from 2010 

December 2010

From Ancient Art to Gothic Art:
A Look at Hearst's Collections
December 1 ~ Wednesday ~ 6:15 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

WRH in Italy.

It was another packed house to see the latest presentation from our own "Vickies", historian and author Victoria Kastner and senior photographer Victoria Garagliano.

This time the focus was on W.R. Hearst's ancient and medieval art collections.  We saw some beautiful photos by V.G. along with some vintage photos and learned some fascinating new information derived from lectures V.K. presented this year at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL; the Evergreen Estate at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD; and at the Getty Villa in Malibu.  Victoria also made the interesting connection between Getty and Hearst.

The hour presentation was video taped and DVD copies are available for checkout at the WRH Guides' Research Library.

Below are a couple of photos taken and shared courtesy of Constance Gordon.

Shannon Harmon and HGA Board Member Debbie George

Technical Difficulties: V.G. helps V.K. get "wired" while HGA Board Member Larry Crawford stands by.

Victoria Garagliano and Victoria Kastner

November 2010

Restoration of Hearst Castle Ceilings
November 3 ~ Wednesday ~ 6:15 pm
Morro Bay Natural History Museum
Morro Bay State Park

Ceiling on Doge's Suite balcony.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, art conservator Gary Hulbert gave us an in-depth look at the restoration of not just the Billiard Room ceiling project, but ALSO the new Morning Room restoration project.  We saw some dramatic photos as Gary talked about what was behind these projects, what his challenges were and why these projects are so important to the future of Hearst Castle.  We saw some unbelieveable before and after photos and came away with a better understanding of this part of the restoration and upkeep of the Monument.

The program was put to video and in the next few weeks we hope to have a couple of DVD's in the Library for checkout.

Thanks to all who attended.  And thanks, Gary, for an amazing peak behind the scenes!

October 2010

A Day at Filoli
October 12 ~ Tuesday
Bus trip


Click here to visit Filoli's website.

Stand by.  As soon as pictures and feedback arrive, your webmaster will post the results of our HGA Daytrip to Filoli.

September 2010

General Meeting ~ Potluck Fun!
September 29 ~ Wednesday ~ 6:00 pm
Rabobank Meeting Room ~ Cambria

Our annual General Meeting ~ Our Fun Potluck ~ and the HGA Membership Drive event... all were fabulous!  We had a great turn-out and a lot of people spent time creating some delicious food for our Food-Share Pot-Luck.  Your HGA Board wishes to thank everyone who helped... everyone who came... and everyone who joined HGA! 

Below are some candid shots to enjoy.

Deb & Bohdi checked in HGA members for 2010-2011.

So many contributed to our Food-Share.

With so many different choices!

Debby welcomed everyone and announced the upcoming HGA events.

Then everyone dug in to the Great Eats!

There was plenty of good conversation.

Your HGA Board thanks you for your support!

And ya know... some of us clean up pretty good!

If you haven't joined yet for the 2010-2011 year, there's still time.  Simply download the membership form from the Join HGA page and turn your check in through the several easy methods provided.  Simple instructions are on the Join HGA page.  We have lots of great programs coming up in this new year.

Please join us!

September 2010

Carlota Munroe Interview
September 16 ~ Thursday ~ 6:00 pm
Morro Bay Natural History Museum


This was an exciting evening with the majority of the HGA members in attendance to hear about the Daughter of a Princess and frequent San Simeon guest, Carlota Munroe in an Oral History audio/visual presentation made by Guide Jill Urquhart.  In addition to the information and hearing the voice of Carlota Monroe, we saw never-before-shared photographs and stories directly from the family!  We also learned that the Sepulveda-Hearst connection went all the way back to Sen. George Hearst.

Interested crowd gathered for Jill's presentation.

We had some very special guests that evening and would like to acknowledge their drive to the Central Coast for this presentation.

Chuck Raysbrook, Jill Urquhart, Doug Ellis

On the left is Chuck Raysbrook.  Charles is the son of Conchita Chapman Raysbrook and grandson of Charles Chapman and Princess Conchita Sepulveda Chapman Pignatelli.

On the right is Doug Ellis who is married to Chuck's sister, Herlinda Raysbrook Ellis.

We were honored to have you gentlemen here!  Thank you very much for taking time to join us.

For those of you who missed this presentation or would like to see it again, there will be two DVD copies of this complete presentation in the Guides Research Library available for check-out on or before Wednesday, Oct 20th.  All photos shown and audio tracks played at the live presentation will be included in the DVD.

The HGA thanks you for your support and attendance!

July 2010

The History of the San Simeon Region
July 13 ~ Tuesday ~ 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

In our final HGA sponsored program before the summer break, Dennis Judd provided HGA members and friends with a look at what his 3 unit class at Cuesta College covered.  In his class, Dennis talked about the San Simeon Region: From Ragged Point on the north, to Harmony on the south, to the Santa Lucia Mountains on the east.  We learned how various peoples through many time periods managed the landscape, employed the resources and how those practices interacted and changed over time.  The story started with the Native Americans and continued through the present.

Some of the many areas touched on were the Cambria Forest, the Mission and Rancho periods, Quicksilver Mining, Chinese and Japanese Kelp and Abalone harvests, the Hearst Ranch, the building of Highway One and much more.  Our area is rich with history and Dennis Judd helpd bring it alive!

June 2010

Collecting Hearst & Davies
June 8 ~ Tuesday ~ 6:00 pm
Rabobank Community Room, Cambria

The only thing Larry Crawford regrets about the evening was that we really didn't even get to all the photos of Marion Davies, the Beach House and Wyntoon!  He showed examples of items collected about WRH and related to some of his activities.  There were MANY photos we looked at about the family and many never-before-seen shots of the Castle and the gardens.  Also, shots of the zoo animals and the bunk houses for the workers behind the Castle.  These were from a collection taken by Charles Hartman, who was a grounds keeper around 1928-32.  We also looked at (and handled) a series of original turn-of-the-century photos of the Hacienda at Pleasanton, plus an original photo of Phoebe signed by the photographer and dated 1898.

Oh yes.  There's more.  Like he said... it's a disease!


If ever invited back, he'd be happy to show all the Marion Davies' stuff n things.

May 2010

An Evening with George Hearst
May 12 ~ Wednesday ~ 7:00 pm
Hearst Theater Lobby

Photography & Layout by Steve E. Miller

An Evening with George Hearst at the Hearst Theater Lobby, Wednesday 12 May 2010, really did make us feel as though we had witnessed an interview with this legendary, gentle man.  The HGA Board wishes to thank Guide Jeff Schultz for a fantastic and memorable performance and evening as he brought us the persona of George Hearst.

If you missed this HGA event, a DVD of the evening is available for check out in our Hearst Research Library.

Again, THANK YOU Jeff, for a very special evening!

April 2010

Hearst Ranch Tours
April 14 ~ Wednesday & April 15 ~ Thursday


It was a lot of fun for everyone who was able to go "off road" on this year's Hearst Ranch tour with our Chief Guide, Ranch Operations Manager, Cliff Garrison.  It was the peak of the wildflower season and beautiful vistas were everywhere!  To be able to see what's behind some of those hills out there, even to see the Hilltop from a different perspective and angle, was revealing.  Cliff told many stories of Ranch operations and gave us an insight into why George Hearst decided to buy and work this ranch land so many years ago.  It is amazing to think that this land has been continuously worked by the Hearst family since 1865.  The tour ended at the Dairy Barn which has been converted into a very nice and rustic event hall.  The building was moved to its current location and renovated.  There we were treated to some very tasty snacks of Hearst Grass Fed Beef and other special treats.  Thanks to Cliff and his able crew!  The food was delicious and we all are grateful for our look at Hearst Ranch.  In addition, we received information about the new Hearst Ranch venture... Wine!  The Hearst Tasting Room in Old Sebastian's Store is now open for tasters to sample the several ventages being offered by Hearst Ranch, produced and bottled by Hearst Winery, Paso Robles.  Because privacy is every bit as important to the operation of Hearst Ranch today as it was in WRH's day, a reminder to all who took pictures that Cliff asked that still photos be used for personal purposes only and not be placed on the Internet.

We now have a much better understanding of how the Ranch operates and are armed with up-to-date information to answer our guests questions.  We had a great time.  Thank you very much, Cliff!

March 2010

Casa del Herrero


Casa del Herrero's Website - Click Here

Essentially unchanged since its creation in 1925 by architect George Washington Smith, Casa del Herrero is noted as one of the finest examples of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture in California.  Spanish-Moorish style gardens provide a fitting backdrop to the Casa, which is furnished with original antique Spanish furniture, artwork, Mediterranean tile and architectural elements (including a ceiling similar to one at Hearst Castle).

This was one of the HGA's spectacular Road Trips into history and was enjoyed by all who went.  Make sure you are not left out on future trips and events.  If you're not already a member, join HGA, today.

February 2010

Mission San Miguel HGA Trip
Feb 25 ~ Thursday 

What a great trip!  50 members and non-members were at the Mission and 49 came to lunch at the restaurant.  Your HGA Board says a big THANK YOU to all who could make it on this trip.  We appreciate your response and involvement.

HGA Secretary Bohdi Hodges has more details:

With a group this size we were able to make a significant donation to the Parish.  They were grateful.  Our guide, John Warren, was able to provide us with some valuable Hearst related information along the way.  I'd like to send a special thank you to Debbie Donaldson and Denise Surber.  Debbie was there when I needed her to help with the money as members paid, and Denise recommended the Tenth Street Basque Cafe for lunch.  Hats off to you both!  And our chef and host, Dallas Holt, was pleased to have such a "rowdy and fun" bunch at the Cafe!

If you would like a fun place to take your family and friends next time they're in town, here are the specifics, which will be kept in this What We've Done archive.

  • Tenth Street Basque Cafe
  • 249 Tenth Street, San Miguel
  • Call 805-467-3141

We'd also like to spread a few more words of appreciation around.  As you click on the Photo Album page below, you will see photos from our trip.  These have been graciously supplied by photographers Patti Rowe and Brian Griffin.  And of course there are many more individuals on the HGA Board who worked on various parts of our February trip to make it successfully fun.  A big THANK YOU to you all!

Now, enjoy some of those photos.  By the end of the month, we hope to have the DVD of the Mission tour and an extra CD enclosed of all the photos from Patti and Brian.  This will be available for checkout.  Enjoy!

Have you joined the HGA?

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