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Everyone brings a bit of diversity to the organization and that's a good thing!

Who Can Join?

We invite anybody interested in the stories of this Hilltop to join.  That means you don't have to be a Guide.  You can work in any department that supplies a service or organizational need to the total effort of Hearst Castle.  In fact, you don't even have to work at Hearst Castle to join the HGA.  You can also be a Docent.  Just have an interest and a passion for the Hearst legacy.  This is one club where, to join, all it takes is a passion for the story we all participate in.

How Do I Join?

The yearly membership fee is only $15 per person and $25 per couple, and that entitles you to attend all the monthly meetings free.

There generally is an additional expense fee for special event trips, especially if they are out-of-town.  This is usually divided among those signing up to go on the trip and helps pay your share of the expenses involved, such as transportation, entrance fees and other necessary items.  Any added fees will be pre-announced and on a "per event" basis.

There are three easy ways you can join:

  • Option one is to mail your check made out to HGAC and include your contact information to Historical Guides Association, PO Box 152, Cambria, CA 93428.  
  • Option two is to get a membership form from the HGA bulletin board in the Guide Trailer and leave it with your check in the HGA mail box in the Guide Trailer. 
  • Option three is to simply come to our next meeting and we will be happy to sign you up at the door with your payment. 

Anytime of the year is a good time to join the HGA.  Remember, if you come to one meeting during the year, you basically pay what you would spend to become a member.  So, it just makes sense to join.

Click on the JOIN HGA link to download the sign-up form.

2015 Membership Form - Download

A Short History of the HGA

We should title this "A VERY Short History" of the HGA.  Because no-one seems to really know how this little club started or exactly when.  In doing the research, your Webmaster talked with several long-time guides... a couple who are now Supervisors.  One said it was in place before she started.  Another guide, who asked not to be quoted, had an interesting memory.  She thought she remembered being told that it was an initial labor organization effort prior to the Union being formed, but she was quick to add that she could not verify that and didn't remember that long ago source.

Even the name contains a certain amount of confusion.  Today, we call it the HGA for Historical Guides Association.  Technically, the name is HGAC for Historical Guides Association of California.  Apparently, that was too long and difficult for some people and the "of California" gradually was dropped from common usage.  Although, it is still legally correct and you do need to make out your check to HGAC when you join.

But all seem to agree that the HGA has started and stopped and re-started several times over the history of guides giving tours on this Hilltop.  In fact, your Webmaster remembers the HGA when he first joined the guide staff as a member of the Class of 2002.  By the time he needed to resign in 2006, that version of the HGA had died out.  Yet, when he returned to the Hill as part of the Class of 2009, it had been re-started and running strongly for almost two years.  So the organization seems to come and go in direct proportion to the interest level of the group of guides that occupy the Hill at any given time.

And that's an important thing to keep in mind.  This organization is driven by the passion of the people involved.  And if we feel passion for this Hilltop and the many stories it holds, that feeling will spill over into other areas of activity.  Your current 2014-2016 HGA Board is made up of people who are passionate about the stories here.  We hope you will feel that passion and participate in some of the extra activities and learning experiences that being a contributing member of the HGA can offer.  This time... let's work together to keep the HGA going!

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Cambria, CA 93428
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